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Denise Murray
(the 2011 'Dancers' exhibition ... is HERE)

The works ...

With this exhibition my primary goal is to create works, which at first meeting convey an experience of emotion. Using form such as animals, people or
birds the viewer hopefully will see attitudes such as protection, wariness or pride.

The works are created in bronze. The method is different. Usually bronzes are modelled in materials such as clay, plaster or wax, a mould is made and
then they are cast in a foundry.

These works are fabricated using silicon bronze sheet sourced from overseas. The sculpture is first created using stainless steel armature. At this stage the
work is resolved and I make sure I am happy with the way the work sits and the attitude is correct.

Then piece by piece the bronze is cut and shaped and welded to the armature.
The result is a bronze, which is fully realised by me in the studio. It is very
nice to be in complete control of the work from start to finish.

After the armature is completely covered the work is sanded and smoothed without losing the unique look of the separate pieces. Then it is taken to the sandblasters, brought back and given a patina and a coat of microcrystallline wax.

The works are suitable for outdoors and because the armature is stainless steel there will be no chance of rust.

  • Denise Murray: Dm Cat1
  • Denise Murray: 6 Oclock
  • Denise Murray: Lyrebird
  • Denise Murray: Dreamer
  • Denise Murray: Big Sister Little Sister
  • Denise Murray: Dm Listening 3114 X 89 X 35cm
  • Denise Murray: Listening 1 114 X 89 X 35cm
  • Denise Murray: Listening 2 114 X 89 X 35cm
  • Denise Murray: Dm Listening Detail 2
  • Denise Murray: Dm Snooty Boy 163 X 68 X 28cm
  • Denise Murray: Dm Snooty Boy Detail 2
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