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Exhibition Dates 2013 - 2014

Exhibition Program for Marks & Gardner Gallery @ Secret Garden

March 23rd to April 20th

The Red Centre: works by Ross Booker, Pene Edwards and Carol Roche

April 26th to May 15th

David Groom - Autumn - Paintings and Drawings

Catherine Macauley - New Sculpture

May 17th – June 16th Jacques van der Merwe - Foreign Landings
June 21 – July 21 Stephen Nothling - New works - Opening: Sunday June 23rd 2.30pm
Sunday June 23rd 10.30am Book Launch: Mark Carthew - “The Moose is Loose” - Harper Collins 2013
July 28 – Aug 31st Bruce Buchanan - New works
Sept. 8th – Oct. 13th David Hinchliffe
Oct 20th -  Nov 21st   Denise Murray and  Pene Edwards
Nov 24th - Christmas  Annexe Gallery - Contemporary Jewellery
Nov 24th - Christmas  Monte Lupo - Steampunk
anuary 2nd until January 26th, 2014 “Works from the Stockroom”
February 1st to March 2nd Elizabeth & Gabriel Poole - Souls at Play - a joint exhibition
March 22nd to 27th April Julie Shepherd (Resilience) & Pam Walpole (New Works)