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Frank Moffatt

Children's author and artist

Queensland's Frank Moffatt is an author, an artist, a cartoonist, and a wonderful eccentric! He is passionate, witty and kind-hearted, which is what makes his new children's book Dogs do! Dogs don't! so enjoyable.

Frank Moffatt is a self described word junkie. His mother and father both read and wrote literature and poetry, so Frank became interested in books from an early age. Frank's mother read to him when he was in the womb, and later she read Frank comics, cartoons, and stories like Treasure Island.

Frank's mother could also draw and she encouraged him to start experimenting with pencils and brushes. Frank was always "the shy kid who sat up the back of the class doodling".

Frank did a house-painting apprenticeship before studying art by correspondence. The course was for commercial illustration and it opened his eyes up to the Impressionists and the Cubists. Frank hardly ever drew in a studio, instead preferring to draw people he saw in pubs, clubs and race tracks. "People would ask me what I was doing, but I'd try to keep it secret that I was drawing them," Frank says.

In the late 1960s Frank Moffatt started selling black and white line drawings in Brisbane. He then exhibited small colour paintings at galleries in Elizabeth Street and Spring Hill in Brisbane. He has presented 25 art exhibitions in his career.

(© from ABC Queensland interview)

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