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Peter Carnavas - Last Tree in the City

2pm - Sunday October 10th, 2010

Download list of ILLUSTRATIONS FOR SALE ... (~1.2meg PDF)

Download TEACHING NOTES ... (~2.6meg PDF)

This Sunday October 10th, award-winning Queensland author & illustrator Peter Carnavas will be back to launch his 4th book at Secret Garden.

Come along at 2pm and enjoy a reading with Peter, author talk, drawing demonstrations ,fun children's activities and the exhibition of the original artwork .

'Last Tree in the City' (New Frontier Books 2010) is the story of a boy who lives in the city. Edward's city is a place of concrete and cars, a world without colour, so every day he visits the last tree in the city and forgets the dull world around him. Then one day the tree is gone. Edward thinks of a clever way to revive his fallen tree, inspiring the entire city to follow his lead and understand that life is better with trees.

Peter Carnavas comes from a family of gardeners and has always been fascinated by the warmth and joy one gets from a healthy relationship with the environment. ''Our biggest challenges facing us today are related to the environment and how we intend to preserve it for future generations. " Peter wanted to write a story that demonstrated how one small boy could inspire an entire city. One humble act of environmentalism can flow on to others, motivating them to simply plant a tree ... anywhere.

We hope you can join us.